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About Us

Elite Caregivers has operated in Humboldt for over 30 years as a Sole Proprietorship, Woman-Owned Agency. Elite Caregivers is operated by Laura Neely resident of Humboldt County, California. 


Laura has been the owner and operator of Elite Caregivers Home Care Agency in Eureka, CA since 1993. She also owned and operated a level 4-E Adult Residential Care Facility. For her exceptional service and leadership skills, Laura has been awarded the National Leadership Award for three consecutive years. Additionally, she has been appointed as an Honorary Chairman of the Business Advisory Council. Currently, Elite Caregivers is providing service to clients in three counties in Northern California.


Dedication to service:

Laura decided to return to school in 2005 to obtain her degree in business. While attending school, Laura worked as an Administrator in a 21-bed Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE). Additionally, she served as a Supervisor for a Corporate Home Care Agency. In 2011, Laura was operated as a Practice Manager in a local D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine) clinic, where she continued her studies in Business Management and Healthcare Administration.



At Elite Caregivers, we strive to provide the highest standard of care to our clients. We are committed to exceeding industry standards by utilizing the best training tools and scheduling software, and employing only the most qualified staff. Our agency is designed to be accessible and mobile, with cutting-edge technology that allows us to manage operations from any location. We pride ourselves on our strength, diversity, and resourcefulness, and we follow Best Practices for Home Care while adhering to all HIPAA Privacy Rules.



Laura has over 30 years of experience in recruitment and hiring. Our placement success rate is 99.6%, based on the feedback we receive from our satisfied customers. We focus on evaluating the candidate's experience, passion, dedication, and ethical values before hiring them. Our primary objective is to recruit individuals who can positively impact our communities, clients, and workers. We are committed to providing the highest quality home care services by hiring the best talent in the field.

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