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Quality Home Care Now

​The Elite Caregivers team can provide home care to you when you need it, where you need it. So whether you’re looking for senior care for an elderly parent, assistance making dietary and lifestyle changes after a diagnosis of diabetes or congestive heart failure, help with everyday life challenges, Elite Caregivers has the resources, the knowledge, and the expertise to deliver the right care now.

Elite Caregivers Quality Standards

Elite Caregivers exceeds the industry standards that professionals view as necessary requirements for safety and consistency in the care setting. Elite Caregivers employs compassionate, ethical, and reliable individuals who set the bar high for caregiving. The Elite Caregivers team are screened with the utmost care before hiring. We perform extensive background checks on all our candidates. Elite Caregivers are registered as a  CA Home Care Aide, live scanned, T.B. tested, and trained.


Quality Check List:

• Workers' Compensation Insurance
• Business license: State, City, and County
• Professional Liability Insurance
• General Liability Insurance
• Bond Insurance
• Home Care Aides are “Employees” (this means that we pay all employee payroll taxes, as required by law: Unemployment Insurance tax, Social Security tax, Medicare tax, and State and Federal withholding)
• Criminal Background Check performed on all Employees

   • DMV clearance; Auto Insurance Check; National Sex Offender Check;

     National Fraud and Welfare Checks
• Certified Home Care Aides

Home Care Aide Training (Monthly Online Training)

Our Management of the home care aide:
  1) Daily phone calls to the caregivers
  2) Unplanned visits while the caregiver is on the job
  3) Planned visits for assessments
  4) Reinforced protocols and procedures
• 24-Hour On-Call Service
• Plan of Care specific to each individual need


Our passion for QUALITY home care services is what drives us to make changes in our agency and community of caregiving. We are prepared to meet the unique challenges that our industry faces and look forward to serving you.

We are highly motivated to bring you a service of EXCELLENCE. We will empower you to live at home by giving you the freedom of choice and respecting your rights as your care needs change. 











• Be authentic, be who we say we are.

• Pay close attention to the feedback loop.

•  Have effective collaboration with all involved agencies and referral points.

• Provide the best care possible not necessarily the most.

• Advocate for our clients and our caregivers.

• Live a code of ethics with all involved.

• Meet challenges head-on and be humble enough to seek and accept another point of view.

• Work hard to understand the needs, wants and concerns of all that we are associated with.


Quality Home Care
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